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There are two types of doulas; birth doulas and   postpartum doulas.

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula provides constant support and comfort throughout your labor and delivery.  You might wonder why you would need to hire a doula if you have a doctor, midwife, nurses and a partner to go through the birth but studies have shown that women who have had a doula have had shorter labors, 50% fewer cesarians and generally used less pain medications.  Doctors, nurses and midwives often have other patients they must tend to but your doula is only focused on you and remains with you throughout the labor and delivery.  Doulas are birth  professionals trained to provide support and information.  They are trained in ways to assist laboring women and they know the usual medical interventions that are offered to the mother.  They can provide the mother with information, but most importantly, they offer the mother unconditional support, support that does not judge but helps the mother make the best decisions she can.

A doula will meet with the mother and her partner at least once before the birth of their child to go over their birth plan if they have one, or to ascertain their goals and expectations about the birth experience so that they can have the best chance of having the kind of experience that they want.

What the heck is Postpartum Doula?

“Wow, I wish I had had one of them when I had my baby”.  This is the line I hear from almost every mother when they ask me what I do.  The truth is, ours is one of the rare cultures that doesn’t build in serious support for new infants and their parents.  We focus so much on the birth in our culture and then send new parents home with an infant a day or two later, without even asking if they have help or might need some or even if they feel comfortable caring for their baby.  

A postpartum doula is trained to assist the family once they have returned to their home.  Many new parents lack the help of a mother or friend to get them through the exhausting first few weeks.  A postpartum doula will come to your home and help you learn to care for your infant, help you with any care issues you may have such as breastfeeding difficulties and help you get some well needed rest.  The postpartum doula is there to help smooth the transition for the new family.  Her goal is to become obsolete, to work herself out of a job when you are ready and able to comfortably care for your new infant.  For some families, that will mean several weeks until they feel they’ve gotten to know and understand their baby.  Other families choose to have a postpartum doula for three months, the baby’s fourth trimester.  Mothers who have had a c-section can really benefit from in-home assistance as they recover from major surgery and try to care for a newborn at the same time.  Mothers of multiples also need the extra help and experience the doula will bring.  In fact, all new parents want and need some non-judgmental help and hiring a postpartum doula gets them the help they need.



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Benefits of a Doula

50% Reduction in Cesarean Sections

60% Reduction in requests for epidural anesthesia

40% Reduction in the need for Forceps or assisted Delivery

25% Shorter Labors

40% Reduction in the need for Oxytocin

30% Reduction in analgesia use

Fewer Cases of Postpartum Depression

Increased success with Breastfeeding

Increased confidence and participation by the father/partner

Source: Mothering the Mother: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth by Kennell, Klaus, and Kennell (1993).                                919.418.0476

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